Practice ideas for Do or DI

Want to practice "unimpressive superpowers" for Do or DI? Here's some good  ideas- courtesy of the dini listgroup:
Can tie shoes
Talks very slowly(fast, quietly, loudly etc.)
jumps a lot
stares intently
spits when talks
hair grows an inch per minute
can lift ten pounds
blinks rapidly
can hold breath for 12 seconds
walks on knees
constantly running nose
can curl tongue
trips frequently
Can disco dance
can make fish lips
hums a lot
clicks when talks
Knuckle cracker
Dust mite (etc.) whisperer
talks to self
talks in third person
talks in questions only
can perform ballet
slowly turning into an elephant (cat, dog, etc)
repeats what is heard
quickly aging
sneezes a lot
looks up often
can hold up both hands for 5 minutes
can tell time
can count back change
can wiggle nose
can recite alphabet
can name the first president