Recapping the 2009-2010 DI Season and enjoying the summer

As we wrap up the 2009-2010 DI season, I thought it might be good to make you aware that there are video resources- visual examples- available on Youtube. Viewing these can give you an idea of what was brought to the Global competition- the best of the best!

If you go to and search "Destinaiton Imagination Global Finals 2010" you will see some of the team performances pop up from Globals. Search "Destination Imagination 2010" and you see see choices of team performances from around the country at all levels of DI competition.

One of them was an official's tour of prop storage in Secondary/University Level DIrect DIposit. That was the first day of competition, the second day can be found at

Summer is the best time to do team bonding and team enrichment activities like field trips, etc. Have the kids dream a little and stretch those imaginations. Go to DI summer camp- take a theater class together- learn new skills from Home Depot!

Have a great summer and let me know if you have any "start up" questions!