DI Resources and Tips!

Below is a summary of the essential resources you need in order for your team to participate in Destination Imagination. Please note some ILDI specific links are not yet available and will be added as they become available. Check this page for updates.

Name of Resource




Guidebook for Team Managers to manage their teams

 Available only when Team Pack is purchased from www.ShopDI.org.

Team Challenges

Specific rules for each Team Challenge

Part of Program Materials.

More info https://www.destinationimagination.org/blog/roadmap-to-team-success-unde... also download from Resource Area.

Available only when Team Pack is purchased from www.ShopDI.org.

Rules of the Road

General rules that all DI participants follow

Pages 219-264 of Program Materials. Can also download from Resource Area. Available only when Team Pack is purchased from www.ShopDI.org.

Published Clarifications

Rules that supersede Team Challenge rules.


Team Clarifications

Up to 10 Team Challenge questions may be asked by each team.





Current Season

Logistical information about Illinois’s DI program

  • Team Manager & Coordinator training opportunities
  • Competition schedules
  • Competition results
  • Tournament policies
  • Scholarship opportunities


 Supplementary Resources

The Roadmap suggests that every team meeting be divided into 5 parts, and provides activities that correspond with this agenda:

  • Ice breaker or warm-up activity
  • Instant Challenge practice and debriefing
  • Team building/discussion
  • Team Challenge development
  • Reflection time

The above agenda is only one way of facilitating a team meeting. You know your team best, and will likely modify the agenda according to your team’s needs. That’s where supplementary resources are helpful. If your team needs more team-building activities, more improvisation or acting techniques practice, or more practice with Instant Challenges, you’ll find what you need among the supplementary resources listed in the table below.

Name of Resource



Instant Challenge Practice Guide

9 Instant Challenges not included in the printed Program Materials

Resource Area

Travel Guide for Teams

Tournament preparation guide. Available now.



DI Blog

Stay up to date with all the latest DI info as well as activities to do with your teams



Volunteer opportunities around the state. A link will be added soon for volunteers interested specifically in working at Tournaments. Send your team’s Appraiser or Volunteer to this Web page for information about their role at tournament.


Volunteers/Appraisers for Tournaments

Recruiting Kit

Contains general program information useful to Coordinators who are recruiting teams, Team Managers and Appraisers. Is also helpful to Team Managers who are meeting with parents who are unfamiliar with DI program.

Recruiting Kit

Destination Imagination Blog

This is a good place to learn about new developments in the DI world. Sometimes you’ll find tips about managing your team or practice activities.

DI Blog

DI University

Contains self-paced general learning modules on: Being a Team Manager, Rules of the Road, and Interference. Note: You will need to use your ShopDI password. If you don’t have one, follow the link at DI University to create one.

DI University


DISC stands for Destination Imagination Support Committee. It is staffed by volunteers and administrates DI Scholarships, the Team Managers & Officials Competition for Destination Imagination Global Finals, and managing and moderating the DINI list (an informal Yahoo-based discussion group for interested DI participants). DISC also maintains a resource library that includes video links to DI performances.


Need specific training or team support?

If you need specific training information and/or support, please email me at training@illinoisdestinationimagination.org.

Trying a New Form of Communication

Hello, team managers, team members, and supporters! My name is Chris Groberg and I am the Illinois DI Affiliate Training Director. I have decided to try a blog this year as another way to get training and team support information out to all of you. We will see how it works and whether you need it or even want it...


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