2016 Community Volunteer Registration Form

 How Can You Get In On The Fun???         Volunteer!!

Have a few hours?
  • Create Challenge Bags
  • Maintain Data Systems
  • Generate Outreach to Schools
  • Generate Outreach to Community/Media
  • Build a structure tester
  • Introduce us to a school
A half or full day?????  Help at an event
  • Set up the challenges
  • Register teams
  • Guard doors to challenges
  • Take pictures
  • Sell lunches
  • Add scores
  • Provide expertise in building, acting, device creation, costume making
2 Days??? Be an Appraiser
  • Understand the Rubric
  • Train One Day
  • Award Points
  • Appraise at Tournament
  • Accentuate the Positive
Volunteer: Be a Hero!! Manage a Team!!!!! 

We train you!!

Meet 1-2 times a week 

If your ideas don’t fit in these boxes, you came to the right place. Just give Kathy O’Holleran a call at 630-207-1229 or volunteerdirector@illinoisdestinationimagination.org. If you register here, she will contact you to discuss your interest.
Thank you!!!! We do DI………..now you can too.


Example: Teach structure building, teach acting, appraise at Tournaments, be a Tournament volunteer, create Instant Challenge bags, make phone calls....? You tell us!