Calling All Alumni - Get Involved!

Interested in Appraising for 2018?

Click on this link: select "Volunteer not representing a Team" and scroll down to the Illinois Tournament of your choice and continue to scroll down to submit. Fill out the form, and we will be in touch!!! Thank you!


Sign up to volunteer with ILDI!

How Can You Get Back In On The Fun???

Have a few hours?
Create Challenge Bags
Maintain Data Systems
Generate Outreach to Schools
Generate Outreach to Community/Media
Build a structure tester
Introduce us to a school
A half or full day????? Help at an event
Set up the challenges
Register teams
Guard doors to challenges
Take pictures
Sell lunches
Add scores
Provide expertise in building, acting, device creation, costume making
2 Days??? Be an Appraiser
Understand the Rubric
Train One Day
Award Points
Appraise at Tournament
Accentuate the Positive
Volunteer: Be a Hero!! Manage a Team!!!!!

If you're an alumni and you have questions or want to be involved but you're not sure how, go to or e-mail me at