Teams that score the top three highest combined scores in each level, will receive a trophy/ medals. However, receiving a trophy/medal does not automatically imply a team will move on the Affiliate Final.

To determine the number of teams that will advance to the State Tournament, ILDI uses a formula based upon the number of competing teams that present their Team Challenge at each regional tournament.

Please note that it isn’t possible to determine the number of competing teams by simply counting the number of teams listed on the printed schedule. Some teams are non-competitive, some are no-shows, and some just come for Instant Challenge.

2020 Affiliate Guidelines for Team Advancement:

  • If your Challenge and level have 1-2 teams presenting at the Regional, we will advance 1st place.

  • If your Challenge and Level has 3 to 7 teams, the top two places will advance.

  • If your Challenge and Level has 8 to 12 teams, the top three places will advance.

  • If your Challenge and Level has between 13 – 17 teams the top 4 placing teams will advance

Advancing teams will be invited to present at the Affiliate Finals for Illinois that will be held on April 4th, 2020 at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. The top scoring teams from all four ILDI regions will attend and compete with other regional qualifiers.

At the Affiliate Final, we will be sending the top three placing teams in each challenge at each competitive level to the 2020 Global Finals to be held in Kansas City, from May 20 through 23.

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