Message from the Affiliate Directors

Illinois Destination Imagination has cancelled the Region 3 Tournament on March 14th  and our Affiliate Final on April 4th at NIU. This difficult decision is in response to the COVID-19 Virus ban on gatherings and the directives of Health officials, NIU, and our government.

As of now, the DI Global Finals Tournament in Kansas City in May is still proceeding. We are working with DIHQ to advance teams to this next level. They are in discussion with all of the Affiliates on the best way to advance teams who have already presented at a tournament or whose tournament was cancelled, as well as opening the Global Final tournament up to all teams that have participated in DI this year. We will keep you informed as decisions are made.

The health of our participants, volunteers, their families, and the public is the most important part of this decision to cancel. We must all work together as a team to fight it. DI people are probably better equipped to handle these quickly changing life moments than anyone else.

We understand the disappointment this decision brings to all involved in ILDI and we know how hard everyone has worked throughout the year. Please celebrate the journey your teams have had this year. Thank you for your understanding.

Diana Dignan & Jan Darnell

Affiliate Directors

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