Affiliate Directors during an award ceremony


The Affiliate Board oversees all Regional activity to ensure consistency across Illinois. The Affiliate Board, comprised of volunteers from each Region, also is responsible for the Destination Imagination Illinois Affiliate Finals, the state-wide tournament where the leading teams from each region showcase their solutions and compete for the chance to represent Illinois at the annual Destination Imagination Global Finals.

Board Members

Diana Dignan – Co-Affiliate Director,

Jan Darnell – Co-Affiliate Director

Kathy O’Holleran – Treasurer

Barb Smith Morgan – Secretary

Cyndi Verenski – Communications

Maria Rytting – Region 1 Regional Director

Tom Dahlberg – Region 1 Rep

Barb Smith Morgan – Region 2 Rep

Jon Morgan – Region 2 Rep

Justin Manuel – Region 3 Rep

Mark Moser – Region 3 Rep

Diana Dignan  – Region 4  Regional Director

Emily Paris – Region 4 Rep

Amy Torf – Region 4 Rep

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