IL Affiliate

Affiliate Directors during an award ceremony


The Affiliate Board oversees all Regional activity to ensure consistency across Illinois. The Affiliate Board, comprised of volunteers from each Region, also is responsible for the Destination Imagination Illinois Affiliate Finals, the state-wide tournament where¬†the leading teams from each region showcase their solutions and compete for the chance to represent Illinois at the annual Destination […]

Students performing a "mock" United Nations Meeting, at a tournament

Regions in Illinois DI

The memberships of Illinois Destination Imagination present their solutions to Team Challenges at a Regional Tournament in one of three regions: North Suburban Region, Chicago and West/South Suburban Region, and Central Illinois Region. Each membership must perform in the Regional Tournament they are assigned to in order to advance to the Affiliate Finals Tournament. Be […]

Affiliate Directors posing for a picture at a tournament

The Illinois Affiliate

The mission and purpose of Illinois Destination Imagination is to provide Illinois with a fun creative problem solving environment centered on the learning of creativity, teamwork, and problem solving. Objectives The objectives of ILDI shall be to: 1. Promote creativity and creative problem solving skills. 2. Conduct activities such as tournaments, program enhancement sessions, training, […]