2020-2021 ILDI Tournament Timeline

We will not hold traditional Regional tournaments this year. In ILDI, we want to make sure all our competitive teams have a chance to receive the feedback they normally receive at a Regional. This is a vital part of the DI experience. The feedback from Appraisers offers the teams insight into making changes to their Challenge solution that will help them compete at the next level.  

All teams that purchase a 2020-2021 season team number will be invited to participate in the Preliminary Tournament to receive this feedback, and all teams will advance the Affiliate Tournament. The Fee to participate in the Preliminary and Affiliate Final will be $50.00 per team membership number. Both tournament experiences will be virtual.  This year the Affiliate Final will include the single Rising Stars! Tournament experience.

The Tournament Schedule is very different this year. Teams will have due dates to submit their Challenges. For example, the Affiliate Final will take about 4 weeks total from the first release of Instant Challenges to the Awards Ceremony.

 All Rising Stars! Team Members receive a medal in honor of their presentation at the Tournament.  All competitive teams placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their Team Challenge in their age level at the Affiliate Final will receive medals and a trophy. Advancement to Global Finals has not been finalized at this time. The in-person Global Finals in Kansas City is being planned. The Dates may be different than the past. We will let you know as soon as we have that information. 

We have put together a timeline below for teams with the due dates for the Preliminary and Affiliate Final. Your team does not have to participate in the Preliminary, but it is the best way to make sure the team is on the right track to solve the Challenge. This feedback from Appraisers is invaluable and it  will also give your team insight into how materials will be submitted for the Affiliate Final.

2020- 2021 ILDI Preliminary (Regionals) Tournament Timeline

Preliminary Scores Released to Teams February 22, 2021


INSTANT CHALLENGE -Preliminary              All Teams, except Rising Stars!

IC Release Date:                  February 5, 2021
IC Submission Deadline:    February 8, 2021


IMPROV CHALLENGE- Preliminary         Improv Teams Only

Improv Unknowns Release Date:                  February 12, 2021
Improv Team Challenge Submission Deadline:    February 15, 2021


TEAM CHALLENGE – Preliminary        Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Engineering, and Service Learning Teams

Team Challenge Submission Deadline:           February 5, 2021

ILDI Affiliate Tournament Timeline Dates

Online Award Ceremony  and Scores Released – April 3, 2021


INSTANT CHALLENGE -Affiliate Final   

All Teams, including Rising Stars!

IC Release Date:                  March 5, 2021
IC Submission Deadline:     March 8, 2021


IMPROV CHALLENGE -Affiliate Final      Improv Teams Only

Improv Unknowns Release Date:                  March 12, 2021
Improv Team Challenge Submission Deadline:     March 15, 2021


TEAM CHALLENGE – Affiliate Final   Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts,        Engineering, Service Learning, and Rising Stars! Teams

Team Challenge Submission Deadline:         March 18, 2021


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